Diminished Responsibility

by Quercus Burlesque

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released January 1, 2013



all rights reserved


Quercus Burlesque Machynlleth, UK

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Track Name: Waltz and All
It's an unpredictable messy affair,
It dangles, entangles and gets in your hair,
Butterfly twitches set off a cascade,
From every decision you've ever made....
Track Name: Sosij
Sniffing over here, there's something in the air,
Bouncing along without so much as a care,
It's so good to be free, this human and me,
Then I catch another scent and ..oops!..I'm off again!
Track Name: Clatterbang
They were clatterbanging on the cobbles,
They were rolling up a racket and gonna get nobbled,
And the monkeys agreed escape was impossible,
So dropped the bottle in the dark river bed
Track Name: Dance
( chorus) We reach inside where the beauty resides,
On the head of a pin, the dance begins

Feel the sunlight on your face,
Hold the spark within your space,
And dance..
Bodies throb a steady best,
A timeless rhythm, feel the heat,
And dance..

A shared delight simply expressed,
Fan the flame with every step,
And dance..
And if by chance your legs don't move,
Just find another way to groove,
And dance..
Track Name: Ghost
A ghost in the machine, mostly asleep,
Drifting offline, just out of reach,
Then in some subtle way,
A glimmer, a static haze,
A moment set in ether,
Catches the corner of my eye

(a face, a space, that smile..)

Your bubbles already burst, but you're hanging around,
In my heart and on my screen,
Accidentally found,
It's painful sweet to hear you speaking, as your shade flickers through,
And I crave an impossible meeting, just one minute with you,

(a face, a space, that smile..)

Hello friend,
It's so goo to see your face,
Bittersweet and unexpected,
Rewind and find a sunny day,

(a face, a space, that smile..)
Track Name: Coming Tide
Here I stand, on the sand,
With a shovel and a bucket in my hand,
Do I dig, or do I build,
It doesn't matter to the rest of the world,
(chorus: Don't shield your eyes from the coming tide,
You're gonna have to swim, cos you won't be able to hide)

Maybe I'll dig a square hole,
Make myself some place to go,
Maybe I'll build a castle tall,
And hide behind a crumbling wall

Perhaps I'll throw my bucket away,
Just enjoy the water today,
Leave my mark on borrowed time,
Sit on a rock and make up a rhyme
Track Name: Succubus
You're out there, in the real world,
At a party, feeling fine,
I'm strung out in the parallel with only one thing on my mind,
Can you feel my hunger? cos I can almost taste your brine,
It calls me into the physical, but I've got to bide my time,
So dance with who you like now, I'll wait without a fuss,
Just save the last dance of the night for your succubus....

...And with a lick of the lips I am with you,
Shadow hands across your skin,
Setting your body twitching to the tune your succubus sings,
I'll sing of the line between laughter and screaming,
Infect your dreams with my lust,
'Til you wake in a sweat from the heat of your dreaming,
Of the fire of your succubus..
Track Name: Blow In
When I was a kid, a drunk stumbled down our street,
God knows what our folks thought he would do,
But they hauled us inside, away from his liquor-fogged eyes,
He was a blow in from the real world in our suburban dream,
A threadbare apparition, a suggestion of a scene...
Track Name: Reprise
It's an unpredictable messy affair,
It dangles, entangles, and gets in your hair,
Butterfly twitches set off a cascade,
From every decision you've ever made..